Battlefields – 6 and 9 miles

This walk starts at Langridge Village Hall. It starts off going down Langridge Lane, and down the hill to Langridge itself. It then goes back up via another route to Sir Brevil Grenville's monument. Following on from there it passes over the place whether the Civil War battle was fought, via Hanging Hill and down to Upton Cheyney. From there it goes on to North Stoke, and the church there is marked as a place to stop and have lunch. From there it goes up to Landsdown and Prospect Stile, and back over the race course, past the golf course and back to Langridge Village Hall.

Alternatively (in green) from Prospect Stile, it takes a different route across the racecourse, past the pub and over the road down towards Woolley. It then goes along to Langridge, and back along Langridge Lane to Langridge Village Hal.