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Battlefields – 6 and 9 miles

This map shows two walks - a longer and a shorter - which both encompass the Battelfields route on the edge of Bath. They both start at Langridge Village Hall. Whereas the longer walk goes via Wooley to Langridge, the other walk takes the shorter route via Langridge Lane. They both then follow a common route up to Sir Brevil Grenville's monument, over the road and then past the Avon Fire and Rescue Building all the way to Hanging Hill. It is this area where the Civil War battle was fought. After passing along the edge of the golf course for a little way, the two routes then divide again, with the longer walk going down to Upton Cheyney and back up to the iron age hill fort via North Stoke. The shoter walk follows the edge of the golf course further round before leaving it to go round the bottom edge of the hill fort. Both routes go up through the hill fort and then follow the edge of the field round and onto Bath Racecourse. The longer route goes as far as Prospect Style before heading back to the start via the racecourse buildings, whereas the shoter route goes there more directly.