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The Saltford Walkers are a local walking group based around Saltford and Keynsham, England. We walk two or more weekends each month of the year, from 2 to 10 miles.

We are subdivided into 3 groups, based on the length of walk that each does:

  • Long Walkers: 8 – 10 miles
  • Amblers: 4 – 6 miles
  • Strollers: 2 – 3 miles

Interested in joining us? Why not look at our programme of walks, and see if one of them takes your fancy. Alternatively, select Join or Contact Us from the menu above.

Recent stories

  • Saturday’s Amblers walk cancelled
    The decision has been taken to believe the weatherman and cancel the walk. Both the BBC and the Met. Office say that temperatures will have reached a sizzling 31 degrees by lunch time, and will carry on climbing through the afternoon. We will probably re-schedule for another time. We hope you are not too disappointed.
  • Long Walkers walk – Saturday 6th August
    With absolutely superb weather on our side, 5 of us met up at the end of Chew Valley Lake, where the ice cream van parks. Our walk took us through the various Harptrees, through picturesque wooded valleys and up some hills where there were fantastic views across the lake and surrounding countryside. Our leader –… Read More »Long Walkers walk – Saturday 6th August
  • August 6th long walk – new leader
    The Long Walkers’ walk on Saturday, August 6th at East/West Harptree will be going ahead as originally planned, but with a new leader. Thank you, Amanda, for stepping in to do this.
  • Festival walk – Saturday 2nd July
    A very damp start with no new walkers turning up to join us but great support from Saltford Walkers who turned up en masse, so thank you all. The 13 of us walked a figure of eight around Saltford starting at the Bird in Hand and making our way to the cheese shop by which… Read More »Festival walk – Saturday 2nd July
  • Strollers walk, June 18th
    Eleven of us met as usual at Keynsham car park, and did a circular walk on through Chewton Keynsham, returning on the opposite side of the river bank, luckily with only a few drops of rain. After enjoying our walk, eight of us had lunch together, and so hope to see strollers again on Saturday… Read More »Strollers walk, June 18th