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The Saltford Walkers are a local walking group based around Saltford and Keynsham, England. We walk two or more weekends each month of the year, from 2 to 10 miles.

We are subdivided into 3 groups, based on the length of walk that each does:

  • Long Walkers: 8 – 10 miles
  • Amblers: 4 – 6 miles
  • Strollers: 2 – 3 miles

Interested in joining us? Why not look at our programme of walks, and see if one of them takes your fancy. Alternatively, select Join or Contact Us from the menu above.

Recent stories

  • Strollers walk, June 18th
    Eleven of us met as usual at Keynsham car park, and did a circular walk on through Chewton Keynsham, returning on the opposite side of the river bank, luckily with only a few drops of rain. After enjoying our walk, eight of us had lunch together, and so hope to see strollers again on Saturday… Read More »Strollers walk, June 18th
  • Doynton cream tea
  • Doynton cream tea
  • Doynton cream tea
  • Doynton amble 11th June
    9 amblers plus 11 friends set off for a criss cross of footpaths around the village. various notable houses and gardens were observed together with a local cricket match before we headed off across fields towards Dyrham and our turning point at a property with 2 large ponds. we then headed back observing wild orchids… Read More »Doynton amble 11th June