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River Avon near Bitton: 5½ or 5 miles

This walk starts and ends at the picnic place car park in Swineford, though it could also start and end at various other places along the way, such as Bitton railway station or Bitton itself. If you download the GPS file (below), you will find it takes you clockwise from Swineford.

For the larger part of the walk, you will be following the River Avon, which takes in views of the old chocolate factory in Keynsham (now re-developed). You also pass through Bitton railway station where they maintain and run vintage steam and diesel trains along a short section of track, which the walk partly follows. You will most likely see them running if you are there at the right time on a weekend. There is a café at the station.

The final part of the walk takes you up the hill towards Upton Cheyney and the back to Swineford. Alternatively (route in green), the walk can be shortened by about half a mile by not doing the Upton Cheyney loop. This also means that the walk is mostly on the level, although there is a section on the path by the main road towards the end.