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Battlefields walks – Saturday, 7th August 2021

We did two different walks this day: a 6-mile (Amblers) and a 10-mile (Long Walkers) walk, with an overlapping route.

From the Long Walkers:

5 of us set off from Lansdown following paths over fields down to Woolley, passing an ambulance treating someone who’d been attacked by wasps. From Woolley we walked towards Langridge and up a long track to the Grenville monument. We sat on a handily positioned bench for lunch close to hanging hill looking out over Bristol. After this we descended into Upton Cheyney along a long tree lined lane giving some protection from the rain, at the bottom it was then a slow climb up through North Stoke to cross the racecourse, though at one point the mist came down and hid the grandstand. Then it was back to our warm dry cars.

From the Amblers:

There were just 2 of us this time. We started at the same place but instead went down the lane to Langridge. We then walked up the same long track to the Grenville monument, where we had our mid-morning break. We followed the route initially towards Upton Cheyney, but then instead skirted round the edge of the golf course before joining the route up from North Stoke to the racecourse. This shorter route had all the spectacular views of the longer walk, but missed out on most of the heavy downpours.

Gate to nowhere
Gate to nowhere

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