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Combined walk – Saturday 4th September, 2021

5 of us set off from Keynsham marina at 9-30 including one new member, almost immediately we encountered 2 very focused runners who didn’t want to wait for us to find a safe spot to pass by; beware in future!

Walking towards the cycle path we saw our first swan and more alarmingly 3 dinosaurs, luckily they were on the other side of the river.

The cycle path wasn’t too busy but we were glad to be off of it as we descended down a lane into Saltford where we met up with another 8 walkers including 2 more new members. Would this be an unlucky 13?

Luckily it wasn’t as we followed the path down to the riverside inn, over the bridge and watched a few rowers getting ready for action.

Our path followed the river and railway for a while before emerging into a field of maize, and then on to meet another 9 members at newbridge making a total of 22.

The riverside section into Bath always seems longer than expected, including a diversion inland at one point and an abrupt end close to Avon Street.

At this point we merged into the crowds of shoppers and tourists meandering our way to the finish at Parade Gardens, where most of us gained free access and some others were entitled to a concession !

We found a lovely picnic spot with some shade while others indulged in tea from the cafe and sat in chairs, the weather was just right and everyone enjoyed the day, before long it was time to catch trains and buses back to our starting points.

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