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Amblers walk – Saturday 9th October, 2021

Eleven of us set off from Saltford Hall heading towards the river armed with some historical facts of the village, points of interest on the way as several of our group were not familiar with Saltford.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and very warm just perfect for walking.

We had a coffee stop at Swineford Lock watching the boat through the lock, and then continued on towards Avon Valley Farm. In the field, Janet and Tony noticed that one of the sheep was lying on it’s back with its legs in the air. There was a rush to leap – well struggle – over the fence to tip it back over onto its feet. However, seeing the barbed wire, sanity prevailed and Janet ran back to the farmhouse to report our find. Eventually the farmer and his wife tipped the sheep back onto its feet and it wandered back to eating the grass, apparently quite unconcerned.

Oh the excitement!!!

The rest of our walk was unremarkable but scenic and enjoyed by all.

(Reminder: Our next social is on 23rd October, and please book in for the Christmas Lunch if you haven’t done already)

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