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Marshfield Amble, Saturday 12th February

Fourteen of us set out, having first looked in the almshouses chapel. Within 20 metres we were down to 13 after Peters boot heel had literally disintegrated on the pavement! After this setback we were off following first the green lane and then into Monument Lane ,the monument being really only a gatepost. A brief stop for coffee due to the strong wind was followed by a very claggy path towards Ashwick, and after stopping at the gatehouse to the Hall we followed the undulating path across fields back to the high street. A few amblers decanted to the pub before the rest of us returned to our cars. A warm welcome to 3 new members who I’m sure we’ll see again and hopefully to Peter with new boots!

3 thoughts on “Marshfield Amble, Saturday 12th February”

  1. Good to be out walking again – thanks Martin. Commiserations to Peter – at least when the sole of one of my boots peeled off it was at the end of a walk!

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