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Doynton amble 11th June

9 amblers plus 11 friends set off for a criss cross of footpaths around the village.

various notable houses and gardens were observed together with a local cricket match before we headed off across fields towards Dyrham and our turning point at a property with 2 large ponds.

we then headed back observing wild orchids and an even wilder donkey!

Shortly after, we were back our home in Doynton for the cream tea where we joined 4 non walkers. A very special thank you to Helen and Liz who worked so very hard on serving on stalls and making scones and cakes. Over 40 more friends and family supported the event.

A mainly sunny afternoon with lovely refreshments where over £500 was raised for the charities, friends of alalay, in Bolivia and IHMP, in India.

A very big thank you for the 12 or so members who supported our event. Sadly this will be our last cream tea but one which was we believe enjoyable for all that attended.

3 thoughts on “Doynton amble 11th June”

  1. It was terrific and obviously represented heaps of hard work. Was described by a neighbour this morning as the best cream tea in a garden ever!

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